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The original
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Vergola Sunshine Coast

Vergola® is Australia’s first and still the best opening and closing louvre roofing system.

With the flick of a switch, Vergola louvres can be adjusted to let light in, keep sun out, enable cross flow ventilation or protect outdoor areas from rain.

Developed for the harsh Australian climate, Vergola provides a range of adjustable louvre controlled solutions that enable people to control their environment in all seasons, climates and settings.

While other louvre systems use cheaper aluminium alternatives, Vergola continues to use the superior Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond that is the roofing material of choice for nearly half of all new Australian homes and over 80% of all Australian gutters and fascias.

Vergola Sunshine Coast surpasses our competitors in roof openings. We individually design, supply and install opening/louvered patio roofing.

Need council approval? We can help you get that much sought after approval and provide you with ongoing maintenance and servicing.

By keeping our manufacturing in QLD, Vergola Sunshine Coast ensures quality control. We have been in the opening roof business for well over two decades, combining highly reputed innovative features with quality workmanship and design flexibility.

Vergola Sunshine Coast Opening Roof Systems support Green Building Design & Solar Passive Design elements through maintaining interior thermal comfort and reducing the requirement for active heating and cooling.

The only Design Council award winner

Vergola® is the only louvre system to be awarded the Industrial Design Council of Australia’s Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design and three Australian Design Council awards for innovation.

Lets in the greatest amount of natural light

Maximum natural light, diffused light and full shade for year round entertaining. Fully open the Vergola® allows 89% of all available light, more than any other louvre system.

Maximum airflow & wind protection

Maximum airflow for cooling breezes or wind protection for maximum comfort in any weather. Vergola® louvres are manufactured to withstand cyclones and comply with building standards – AS1562 and AS1170.2.

99.9% weatherproof

Vergola’s interlocking design allows the louvres to close into a roof that is 99.9% weatherproof so you can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s raining.

Smart rain sensor technology

Vergola’s state-of-the-art rain sensor closes the louvres at the onset of rain and can be programmed to stay shut or reopen after rain.

Vergola Sunshine Coast

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