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Residential Louvre System

Pergola Roofs

In the quest to create the perfect pergola roof, we have designed and manufactured a unique, fully adjustable waterproof louvre pergola roofing system we call Vergola®.

The award winning pergola roofs by Vergola® allows you to maximise the use of outdoor areas enabling you to choose and control the amount of sunlight and shade that suits your purposes.

Designed originally for the harsh Australian climate, countless people throughout the world have recognised the outstanding attribute of the Vergolas louvered pergola roof system and are enjoying the benefits that it brings to their lives.

Pergola Roof


Patio Roofs

Vergola louvered patio roofing system will enhance your outdoor space by making it usable in all seasons. You control how much shade or sunlight you get. The rain sensors, unique to Vergola, will automatically close your patio roof in rain and reopen when dry even in your absence.

The Vergola opening patio roof is energy-efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs by shielding the amount of direct sunlight falling on exposed windows, allowing cooling breezes to pass downwards through the louvers and letting the heat escape.

Made of longer-lasting Australian-made Colorbond®

While other louvre systems use cheaper aluminium alternatives, Vergola® continues to use the superior Australian-made BlueScope® Colorbond® that is the roofing material of choice for nearly half of all new Australian homes and over 80% of all Australian gutters and fascias. Colorbond® steel complies with building standard AS2728.


  1. Colorbond® is manufactured from Zincalume® steel with an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating that is stronger and longer-lasting than aluminium
  2. A conversion layer is applied to the steel surface to improve adhesion
  3. Colorbond’s Super Polyester coating technology ensures the Vergola’s finish retains its “as new” look for longer
  4. Exterior grade paint is baked on to the Zincalume® steel base giving Vergola® resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking that is superior to powder-coated aluminium louvres

Some of the unique features of our Vergola roofs

  • Vary your light and shade. Enjoy natural light, full shade or diffused light by adjusting the position of the louvers. Protection from the Rain The unique interlocking louver can be closed making Vergola fully rain proof (in general weather conditions).

  • You control the Air Flow The aerofoil louvre shape allows the air flow to be controlled in wet and dry weather.

  • Energy Efficient Reduce heating and cooling costs by controlling the amount of direct sunlight falling on exposed windows and walls.

  • Great Insulation –  The double skimmed louvers provide both thermal insulation (3wm2/k) and sound reduction for pergola roofs.

Smart rain sensor technology

Smart Options for Pergola Roofing (Auto Rain Closing) The state of the art rain sensor automatically closes the pergolas louvers when the rain begins to fall which means the outdoor area remains dry. The system will restore the louvers to your preset position when rain ceases.

Your Roof Structure

Framework – The frame of the pergola can be constructed from timber, steel, aluminium or any other building material that complies with local building codes.

Gutters – Specially designed Vergola gutters fitted along the inside perimeter of the framework collect (run-off) water which is discharged into downpipes.

Individual Service – Our commitment to outstanding customer service and quality means that our selected distributors manage the design and installation process from start to finish including custom design and statutory approvals and ongoing maintenance.

Quality Guaranteed – Manufactured to resist Cyclonic forces using either pre-coated Australian BHP Colorbond steel, Stainless steel or Aluminium, Vergola can withstand the most severe weather conditions. All products carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

Suitable for Many Roofing configurations – The Vergola can also be applied to many pergola roofing configurations. Your Vergola can either be freestanding or integrated to form a part of your existing building. Designs include flat, pitched, angled, A framed and barrel vaulted.

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